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ATCAA Latino Family Outreach

Programs for Tuolumne County


“Promotores de Salud” translates to “Promoters of Health”. Promotores are volunteers who are trusted members of and/or have close understanding of the community served. This Peer-to-Peer program uses Spanish-speaking community members to reach out to Spanish-speaking community members to promote mental health and overall wellness, and to reduce barriers to accessing services, and to provide a comfortable cultural context for sharing important information about community resources.  Over 250 individual community members have received information about community services through this program.


As part of the ATCAA network of services to families, the Promotores are learning about all of the ATCAA services, and all ATCAA employees are reminded to link clients, when appropriate, to this program.  Also offered through ATCAA is the Spanish Speaking Advisory Council which was formed as a way for Spanish-speaking parents enrolled in ATCAA’s Head Start program and the Columbia College ESL class to better access and influence community services. ATCAA staff and volunteers provide translation as needed. An outgrowth of this group has been a Mental Health Support Group co-sponsored by ATCAA and the Center for a Non-Violent Community. This peer-support group serves about 20 individuals and is facilitated by a bilingual advocate on a bi-weekly basis.


Los Promotores and the Advisory Council are part of ATCAA’s efforts to continue to develop culturally competent services in Tuolumne County. We will continue to invite Los Promotores and Council Members to collaborative meetings with community partners to enhance culturally competent services.


Spanish-speaking volunteers are always welcome. We are also always looking for community members to come and share their programs, services, and interests at the Advisory Council. Past speakers include Tuolumne County Health Department, Columbia College and Margie Bulkin, Superintendent of Schools.


Promotores Program Manager

Maria Garcia

(209) 984-1617

Los Promotores de Salud and Advisory Council

Family Fiesta - You and Me Night 2018

Family Fiesta - You and Me Night 2018

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