Board of Directors Vacancies

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Make a difference in our community

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Make a difference in our community

We are seeking to fill a board vacancy representing the low-income sector, an important volunteer position. Directors provide insight into community problem solving based on their knowledge and understanding of both the community and the sector they represent. They are responsive to community designated needs and participate in planning programmatic strategies as a part of a community action plan. Directors play an important role in helping people change their lives, impacting families and the community at large. The board meets minimally six times per year on the 2nd Friday of every other month at 10:30 am. Find more information about our board and board committees here

We encourage you to peruse our website and reach out if you have additional questions. Our current board members, Executive Director and staff would be happy to share.

Private Sector Representative

The Private Sector representation shall be filled by officials or members of business, labor, religion, industry, human services, education, or other major groups and interests in the communities by submitting an inquiry on the web form below to the ATCAA Board Secretary at the ATCAA Service Center in Amador County.

In order to assure a fair and balanced representation of the private sector, organizations/businesses will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Priority will be given to organization/businesses demonstrating a commitment to advancing the purposes and activities of the Board.

  • Priority will be given to organizations/businesses representing diverse views or a wide scope of labor, business, or social service interests.

  • No private sector organization/businesses will be allowed to have more than one (1) Board seat in order to assure a balanced representation.

  • Priority will be given to finding social service, business, or labor organizations/businesses representatives whose constituency is not currently represented on the Board.

Low Income Sector Representative

A candidate for the low income sector vacancy need not himself/herself be low income and/or economically disadvantaged, but must truly represent low income and must reside in Tuolumne or Amador County. Representatives of the low-income sector will be selected in a democratic selection procedure to assure that these members are representative of the low-income neighborhood served; reside in the neighborhood served; and are able to participate actively in the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of ATCAA programs. 

Low-Income Representative Sector applicants must have either: 

  • low-incomes or fixed incomes and meet the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) income guidelines, or;

  • must represent low-income people in their county of residence, or;

  • represent a particular low-income neighborhood in the county of residence.

2022 CSBG Income Eligibility Guidelines

Number in Household                Annual Income

         1                                        $25,760

         2                                        $34,840

         3                                        $43,920

         4                                        $53,000

         5                                        $62,080

         6                                        $71,160

         7                                        $80,240

         8                                        $89,320

For family units with more than 8 persons,

add $9,080 for each additional person.

Representatives may be local community members that work or volunteer and interact with low-income and/or work or volunteer on behalf of programs for low-income. One seat will target low-income families with children 0-5 years of age, and be assigned to a Head Start Parent Policy Council board member designated by the Head Start Parent Policy Council. The board member designated by the Head Start Parent Policy shall be a parent of a child currently or formerly enrolled in Head Start or Early Head Start.

Apply For a Board Vacancy

Thanks for submitting!

After submission, we will ask you to provide the following information:

  1. Address of physical residence of applicant 

  2. Brief statement about why applicant would like to serve on the ATCAA Board 

  3. Confirm ability to attend meetings per the Board Position Description 

  4. If applicant is low-income, self-certify that they meet the guidelines (guidelines available from the Board Secretary) 

  5. If applicant is not low-income, they must indicate the way(s) in which he/she is qualified to represent the low-income sector by listing their experience in representing the local low-income community (or a particular neighborhood  within the county), including any volunteer and/or employment working for and with local programs for the low-income sector. 


Once we receive your responses, we will review and be in touch with you. If you are selected, pursuant to CSBG federal guidelines, you will be asked to obtain at least 25 signatures of low-income persons living in the county you are representing.

Upon receiving letters of interest for Private and Low Income sector representation, the Secretary to the Board will submit letters of interest to the Nominating Committee for review. The Nominating Committee will then present a slate of candidates to the Board and the Board will take action to accept or not accept the application(s) based on the above criteria. The Board may choose to interview the candidate prior to its decision. If more applicants apply than there are open seats, the candidate who most closely meets all of the criteria will be selected.


A majority of a quorum of seated Board members shall approve or reject for any lawful reason, the selection of low-income and/or private sector representatives and their alternates.